Optimizepress better than Instapage?

Well again, I might come up as biased because I have been working with optimizepress for the past 4 years and have seen it grow as what I consider a platform for marketers which is second to none.

Let me explain…

Here are some questions to be posed.

Can you build an authority page with Instapage?

Can you create a blog with it?

Can you build a membership site with Instapage?

Is it possible to build an authority site, a sales letter, a squeeze page, a launch funnel, a membership site and a membership site all on one domain for the cost of only usd 97?

You can imagine where I am going with this… but no, you can’t do none of those on Instapage.

Now as a downsides which may well be an upside for optimizepress, it mounts on WordPresss and you have to host it on your own domain. It takes at least 5 mins to get up and running.

As it is a WordPress based theme, it comes with all the benefits and issues of WordPress which include maintenance, security, hosting and a gazillion plugins coming handy.

Now on the other hand, going live with Instapage can be quick, lightning speed as you don’t necessarily need to push it to your domain. So if you create a squeeze page, it could something like mysqueezepage.instapage.com, a bit like how LeadPages works.

Of course, let’s look at it from an Instapage perspective…

Compared to lead pages, it’s pretty flexible in terms of how you can get your template to look like. You can easily move elements around, something you can’t do on Leadpages, but you can Optimizepress as long as it remains in the grid.

It’s great when it comes to building ONLY landing pages and that’s about all the winning points.

Now I also see Instapage as a tool for advanced marketers who are buying a lot of traffic and need to test a ton of Landing pages. It great to use for that purpose.

But if you want a more complete solution, you need Optimizepress and ultimately, why not have both.

This is how I see it anyway, what are your views?

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