5 ways to Instantly Increase Your Profits and Conversions

1. Positioning, Are You The Go To Person?

People buy from people, but people buy more from those whom they perceive to be an Authority.

We all start our business not knowing the outcome and get started putting more focus on our product than on ourselves and that’s totally natural.

We think that people don’t actually care about us but they care more about the product or solution they are buying.

This statement above is totally true, people won’t buy any crap unless they see value in there or a solution/result through the product you are offering.

But… in our business, which is mostly geared towards the B2C ( Business To Consumer ) market, the seller profile is equally important.

People buy more from people they Know, Like and Trust.

The easiest way to position yourself as an expert is to do a product launch.

2. Increase/Lower Your Prices, it’s not about volume, it’s about the Net Profit

increase profit_smllrIf you are in a service based business, like 1 on 1 coaching, the easiest way to increase your revenue is to increase your prices.

I have personally helped many clients get over the fact that people won’t buy unless they are the cheapest in the marketplace.

Try a 30% raise and educate your existing clients why you are doing it and also communicate same to new prospect.

A very good reason for that is that you can give more value, attention to each individual client if you take less clients and charge more. Focus on the 20% of the clients who generate 80% of your revenue.

Countless times, I have tested price increases for my clients without decrease in sales volumes.

It’s all about perceived value, increase it, it doesn’t cost anything

When I started my business back in 2008, I was charging much less than my competitors for my products and services. This resulted in more work poorly executed, less revenue and over the years I tested various price point increases and the only thing that actually decreased with the amount of work I have.

Go test some price increases…

3. Cement your relationship with your audience

There is nothing more valuable than the relationship that you have with your list. There is no point having a million people on your list and not having a relationship with them. You need to connect better to your audience and make them feel that you are worth their attention and money.

Be the person your audience Knows, Likes and Trust.

Build the relationship with your audience based on value.

Be the one who gives a damn, be the one who cares, be the one who can really help your prospect get closer to their goals.

Like in my own way, I help my audience by removing all technical barriers and help them with their sales funnels. My team and myself are one of the best in the world at building sales funnels.

Retargeting_24. Are you doing any Retargeting?

If you are not, you could instantly increase conversions.  This is a biggie…

Get an account at www.perfectaudience.com , they give you $ 60 to spend for free. Try It!

I don’t want to say much here, it’s a big topic, go read about it and take action.

Applying retargeting instantly gave me 30% boost in profits.

Still thinking???

5. Make More Out of your Backyard or Increase Customer Value

If you an existing list of customers, there are surely other things that you could sell them right now. Cross sell affiliate products?

You can always go about creating products, but think about raising cash today. What can you cross sell?

If someone is interested in a Yoga dvd, you can surely sell them group events, one on one training or even Yoga Mats. But the key is to simply increase your customer value.

Many people tend to only sell one thing or two then then forget about the customer. I have customers who buy stuff every month from me and I know people who are buying every new stuff.

I rarely buy stuff as I am not into shiny objects but I would pay for products that add value to my life and business.

There are so many ways you can instantly increase your bottom line, you just need sit and think what is easier to implement.

Each business model is different, but all businesses do have low hanging fruits and you can very often transpose existing ideas from other niches.

My Goal Is To Help You Make More Out Of Life And Business, So Here I am, In A Way I Know…

Rajeev Kistoo

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